The Hubert Clavichord Data Book


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Biographical Note on Christian Gottlob Hubert
Introduction to the Instruments
   List of Surviving Clavichords
   General Characteristics
   Decay & Damage
About the research
   About Measuring
   Restrictions on the Research
About the Descriptions
   Outline of the Description Model
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   Clavichord Terminology
A Guide to the Description Model

[The B numbers are the reference numbers of the instruments as given in D. H. Boalch,
Makers of the Harpsichord and Clavichord 1440–1840, third edition, ed. Charles
Mould, Oxford University Press, 1995, pp. 400–405]

1756 C–f3  D-Bayreuth  B 1756(1)
1756 C–f3  F-Strasbourg  B 1756(2)
1763 C–f3  D-Nürnberg  B 1763
1771 FF–f3  D-Nürnberg  B 1771(A)
1772? FF–f3  D-Bad Krozingen  B 1772
177? FF–a3  D-Leipzig  B 1775(A)
1776 C–f3  formerly D-Berlin  B 1776
1781? C–g3  D-Heidelberg  “1781(A)” [not in Boalch]
1782? C–g3  USA-New York  B 1782(2)
1782 C–g3  CH-Basel  B 1782(3)
1782 C–g3  D-München  B 1782(4)
1783 C–g3  GB-Liverpool  B 1783
1784 C–g3  D-HaIIe  B 1784(1)
1784 C–g3  D-Berlin  B 1784(2)
1784 C–g3  D-Weißenburg  B 1784(3)
1784 C–f3  GB-Edinburgh  B 1784(4)
1787 AA–f3  D-Leipzig  B 1787(1)
1787 AA–f3  D-Nürnberg  B 1787(2)
1789? C–g3  D-Nürnberg  B 1789

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Calculations, a few examples
A first conclusion on grouping

Restoration Report of B 1772, Bad Krozingen