More London Piano Makers


1. The Chappell Piano Company
2. Eavestaff, Brasted Brothers and the Minipiano
3. The Squire Family of Pianomakers
4. Rogers & Hopkinson
5. Alfred Knight
Appendix 1 Employees of the Chappell Piano Company who lost their lives in World War I
Appendix 2 Chappell Retail Price List, October 1929
Appendix 3 An outline tree of the Brasted family
Appendix 4 Checklist of new models of upright, grand and minipiano introduced by Brasted Brothers Ltd 1930–1969
Appendix 5 An outline tree of the Squire family
Appendix 6 The last will of William Brinsmead Squire, who died 25 January 1864
Appendix 7 An outline tree of the Hopkinson family
Appendix 8 A selection of favourable testimonials which had been received by the firm of George Rogers & Sons by c.1933
Appendix 9 Reminiscences of George Veness, who was working at the Rogers/Hopkinson factory during the early 1970s
Appendix 10 Key Knight personnel involved in piano manufacture, c.1950–1990
Appendix 11 Lowest retail prices for various English upright models, May 1969