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Cover: Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance
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This is a practical handbook for every clavichord player, amateur or professional; written in a conversational style, it assumes no previous knowledge or experience. Every aspect of caring for a clavichord is covered, including: how to prepare the instrument for tuning; how to choose and set a temperament by ear or machine; how to hear beats; how to tune and check octaves; how to replace broken strings; how to deal with sticking keys, damping faults and extraneous noises. Twenty detailed schemes for tuning various temperaments are presented, including special schemes for fretted clavichords. There is a comprehensive glossary of technical terms.

Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance rapidly became the standard work on the subject when it was first published in 2007. It has now been carefully revised in the light of experience and comments from users. A great deal of new material has been added: the section on improving the sound and touch is almost completely new, and the guide to finding sources of tools and materials has been completely re-written, with an emphasis on the use of on-line resources and a survey of the different kinds of wire now available. Appendices have been added on subjects such as false beats and humidity control.

The author, Peter Bavington, has been making and caring for keyboard instruments for over thirty-five years, and recently he has concentrated exclusively on the clavichord. He has worked as a professional tuner, and has taught tuning to classes and individual pupils. He also has a wide experience of repairing and regulating clav­ichords, and knows pretty well every kind of trouble they can get into: experience which he draws on in this book. He lives and works in London.

Softback, 230 × 162 mm; 272 pages; numerous
illustrations, diagrams and tables
ISBN 978–0–9555590–7–5
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