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[book cover: Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance] Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance
by Peter Bavington

This is a practical handbook for every clavichord player, amateur or professional; written in a conversational style, it assumes no previous knowledge or experience. It has now been carefully revised in the light of experience and comments from users [more about this book].

Softback, 272 pages. ISBN 978–0–9555590–7–5


Price £19.50 plus post & packing.

[book cover: The Mirror of Human Life] The Mirror of Human Life
Reflections on François Couperin’s Pièces de Clavecin

by Jane Clark and Derek Connon

The Mirror of Human Life, first published in 2002, explores the historical context of François Couperinís harpsichord pieces and the meaning of their enigmatic titles. This new edition takes account of the latest research: it has become clear, for example, that Couperin shared the widespread discontent with Louis XIV’s court as it had become under the influence of the pious Mme de Maintenon …
[more about this book]

Softback, 230 pages. ISBN 978–0–9555590–6–8. Price £18.00.

Price: £18.00 plus post & packing.

[CD: School of Politesse]
CD: School of Politesse

Jane Clark, solo harpsichord

This CD has been produced to accompany the book The Mirror of Human Life. The programme of selections from François Couperin’s harpsi­chord pieces, played by Jane Clark, has been chosen to illutrate his theatrical sense, which develops as his four books of Pièces de Clavecin unfold [more about this recording].

Janiculum CD, No. JAN D206. Total playing time 68:22


Price: £10.00 plus post and packing (free within UK)

[book cover: The Hubert Clavichord Data Book] The Hubert Clavichord Data Book

by Koen Vermeij

A study of all eighteen surviving clavichords made by Christian Gottlob Hubert (1714–1793), illustrated with over 700 photos and comprehensive descriptions of each instrument. New edition, published by Keyword Press [more about this book].

Hardback, 304 pages. ISBN 978–0–9555590–5–1

Price: £90.00 plus post & packing.

[book cover: Vocal Traditions in Conflict] Vocal Traditions in Conflict

by Richard Bethell

Classical singers today are taught to use a permanent wide vibrato, with forceful production of high notes and a plummy low larynx position. Drawing on copious evidence from contemporary treatises and accounts of named singers – including castrati – Richard Bethell shows that eighteenth-century tradition was the opposite of this in almost every respect. For the works of Rossini and anything earlier, this modern ‘opera-house’ style is utterly inappropriate [more about this book].

Published by Peacock Press. Softback, 398 pages. ISBN 978–1–912271–49–8

Price: £25.00 plus post & packing.

[book cover: More London Piano Makers] More London Piano Makers
Eavestaff, Rogers, Squire, Knight, Chappell, Hopkinson

by Alastair Laurence

This is a sequel to Five London Piano Makers by the same author, with histories of six more piano-making firms, presenting a picture of a bustling craft industry based in the streets around Camden Town in North London [more about this book].

Softback, 144 pages. ISBN 978–0–9555590–4–4

Price: £15.00 plus post & packing

[book cover: The Broadwood Barless Piano] The Broadwood Barless Piano
A History

by Alastair Laurence

The story of an idea: its birth, death and revival. A technical history, and a human one too. By the author of Five London Piano Makers. [more about this book].

Softback, 47 pages; illustrated. Published by the author

Price: £10.00 plus post & packing.

[The British Clavichord Society Newsletter] The British Clavichord Society Newsletter

Seventy-four issues of the British Clavichord Society Newsletter were published between 1995 and 2019. As well as records of passing events, they contain a great deal that is of permanent value, including historical research, technical details about instruments, advice on tuning and maintenance and comments on repertoire and performance. With the closure of the Society, no further newsletters will be issued, but all back numbers are now available from this website: click here.

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