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[CD: School of Politesse]

This CD has been produced to accompany the book The Mirror of Human Life. The programme of selections from François Couperin’s harpsi­chord pieces, played by Jane Clark, has been chosen to illutrate his theatrical sense, which develops as his four books of Pièces de Clavecin unfold. The first part of his First Ordre is relatively conventional, but even here the composer carefully contrasts adjacent pieces, whilst the Sixth Ordre reveals his acute sense of characterisation. This is followed by the Thirteenth Ordre, Couperin’s wonderful portrait of human frailty, and in the Nineteenth Ordre the precision with which he refers to particular plays is seen. In the final, world-weary Twenty-Seventh Ordre, Couperin bids his farewell.


Note: the spelling and use of accents is Couperin’s

Premier Ordre
1. Allemande l’Auguste
2. Premiere Courante
3. Seconde Courante
4. Sarabande la Majestueuse
5. Gavotte
6. La Milordine, Gigue
Sixième Ordre
7. Les Moissonneurs
8. Les Langueurs-Tendres
9. Le Gazouillement
10. La Bersan
11. Les Baricades Misterieuses
12. Les Bergeries
13. La Commére
14. Le Moucheron
Tresiéme Ordre
15. Les Lis Naissans
16. Les Rozeaux
17. L’engageante
18. Les Folies françoises ou Les Dominos
19. L’âme-en peine
Dixneuviéme Ordre
20. Les Calotins et les Calotines ou la Pièce à tretous
21. L’ingénue
22. L’Artiste
23. Les Culbutes Ixcxbxnxs
Vingt-Septiéme Ordre
24. L’Exquise, Allemande
25. Les Pavots
26. Les Chinois
27. Saillie

Total playing time 68:22

Janiculum CD, No. JAN D206

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